How Do You Log in to the Paragon EPay System?

To log in to the Paragon ePay system, visit, and enter your Social Security Number along with your PIN number, which is, by default, your six-digit date of birth in the order of month, day and year. Click on the Enroll Now button; set up a security image, and answer security questions for future ID verification.

After securing your account, change your default PIN number to one that is more memorable to you, and make sure that it is made up of between eight and 16 numbers. Do not use any other characters aside from numbers for your PIN number. Proceed to view the main menu, which offers services such viewing your pay stub and verifying income and personal information.

To log in to the Paragon pay system through the phone, call 866-604-3729, and log in to your account by entering your Social Security Number and default PIN. When prompted, modify your PIN to suit you, and make sure it is made up of between eight and 16 numbers. To access services available on the phone, select the number on your key pad that corresponds to the desired service. For example, pressing one allows users to review pay stubs or request a fax, while pressing three allows users to check a fax request status. Pressing five allows users to change their PIN number, and the zero key directs users to a representative.