How Do You Log in to Nestle’s Paperless Pay?

To log in to Nestle’s Paperless Pay system, your employer must assign you information regarding your log in such as a personal PIN number along with an employee ID. The PIN number usually consists of some digits from your Social Security number in addition to your birth year.

After obtaining information from your employer, log in through the Nestle pay portal at Before logging in using your employee ID, enter the Employer Code that corresponds with your place of employment. This directs you to your employer’s login page. After redirect, click on the Click Here to Login link if you’ve previously used the portal, or for new employees, click the Is This Your First Time Logging In link.

Enter your employee ID, which should not contain a zero at the beginning, and select the Continue button. When the site prompts you to enter your PIN number, type in the provided PIN number, and after logging in, change the number to one that is more memorable, unique and secure. Once all personal information is updated, you can view options on the main menu such as checking your pay stub or viewing tax information from the previous year. For further assistance in logging in to the website, contact your employer.