Which Local Oral Surgeons Accept Medicaid?

Medicaid coverage is dependent on the state of residence: refer to the Medicaid government website to view eligibility and benefits, or contact a Medicaid representative by phone to learn about local surgeons who accept Medicaid. Although not every state provides comprehensive dental benefits through Medicaid, they typically offer coverage for adult emergency oral services, which can include oral surgery.

Medicaid provides various services for both adults and children. Once enrolled in the Medicaid program, patients are referred to a dentist, from there the dentist should also be able to refer its patients to a surgeon that accepts Medicaid coverage. Patients can also visit their local Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services to discuss their coverage options in person.

Medicaid was created to benefit impoverished communities such as low-income children and elderly, as well as pregnant women. Adults enrolled in Medicaid can expect up to 50 percent of the dental bills to be covered by participating states, according to the Consumer Guide to Dentistry. All states, however, are required to provide routine, preventative care to children, as well as an initial consultation to diagnose and treat any existing problems, as stated by Medicaid.gov.

The official Medicaid website provides information regarding the different benefit packages, and offers occasional webinars to further educate its members. Contact information can also be located here.