How Do You Find a Local Black Walnut Buyer?

Companies that purchase black walnuts harvested by individuals often include information regarding buying locations on their websites. One example of this is Hammons Black Walnuts company website.

Hammons Black Walnuts is among the largest buyers of black walnuts in the nation as of 2015. The company purchases walnuts at predetermined buying and hulling locations across the country. Currently, sellers can take walnuts to locations in 11 different states across over 200 locations and sell them for cash on the spot.

Information regarding these locations can be found on the Hammons website at The menu at the top of the page features a Discover Harvesting and Hulling menu that provides a comprehensive list of all locations along with each location’s address and telephone number.

Other resources for locating black walnut buyers include nonprofit organizations such as the Ohio Nut Grower’s Association, which provides a listing of several buying locations in Ohio, or from local news organizations who often provide information regarding where individuals can sell walnuts within their broadcast radius.

Most buying locations are based in the Midwest, as this is where the majority of black walnut trees grow in the wild. For example, the majority of Hammons buying locations are located in Missouri.