How Do You Find Local Amway Dealers?

The website Filed Sales Rep lets shoppers search for Amway representatives and distributors in their area. The website will then give the shopper links to the distributor’s email address, online profile and website. Shoppers can also search for Amway salespeople and distributors online by looking for dealers in their city or state.

Amway is a large company that specializes in selling nutrition, health and beauty and cleaning products. The company started out with a number of distributors, who went door to door selling the company’s product. Those salespeople earned money every time that they sold a product and every time that they signed up another distributor. Though Amway still relies on its distributors, it also lets shoppers purchase items directly through its website. According to the Amway site, all online orders are safe and secure. Shoppers can create an online account, choose a password and register a credit card with the site. They can then purchase items with the card on file, and no one else can use their information unless they have the user’s password. New Amway distributors can create their own websites with the company. Every time that someone buys from that site, the distributor receives a portion of the sale.