What Is a List of Lominger Competencies?

There are 67 Lominger competencies listed below. These abilities and skills serve to measure a person’s effectiveness in business. Lominger is a portmanteau of the last names of system creators Michael M. Lombardo and Robert W. Eichinger.

The 67 Lominger competencies are: action oriented, dealing with ambiguity, approachability, boss relationships, building effective teams, business acumen, career ambition, caring about direct reports, comfort around higher management, command skills, compassion, composure, conflict management, confronting direct reports, creativity, customer focus, decision quality, dealing with paradoxes, delegation, developing direct reports and others, directing others, drive for results, ethics and values, fairness to direct reports, functional or technical skills, hiring and staffing, humor, informing, innovation management, integrity and trust, intellectual horsepower, interpersonal savvy, learning on the fly, listening, managerial courage, managing and measuring work, managing diversity, managing vision and purpose, managing through systems, motivating others, negotiating, organizational agility, organizing, patience, peer relationships, perseverance, personal disclosure, personal learning, perspective, planning, political savvy, presentation skills, priority settings, problem solving, process management, self-development, self-knowledge, sizing up people, standing alone, strategic agility, technical learning, time management, timely decision making, total work systems, understanding others, work/life balance, and written communication.

The Lominger Competencies are part of the Leadership Architect Suite, a business development product. It is also called the Career Architect Development Planner and is created by Lombardo and Eichinger.