How Do I List My Degree on a Business Card?

To list a degree on a business card, place your name, a comma and the abbreviation for the degree on the first line. Only list a degree on a business card if it is directly relevant to your position.

In academic and research fields, it is common for people to include advanced degrees on their business cards. The degrees are integral to holding positions in those fields. In other professions, the inclusion of a degree is less common, and bachelor’s degrees are not inserted. However, some degrees are pertinent to careers, such as MD for physicians, RN for nurses and MBA for business consultants. In these cases, it is often acceptable to include the degree on a business card.

Not all sources agree with these guidelines. Forbes recommends against listing an MBA degree on a business card. The Emily Post Institute frowns on including any type of degree. However, professional licenses or credentials that are vital to positions, such as CPA, should be part of the card. In modern society, degrees are relatively common, so having one is not distinctive, as the Huffington Post notes. In addition, many employers are primarily concerned with proven skills and proficiencies rather than which degrees a person has.