What Are Some Free Landlord Tenant Letters?

Free landlord letters can include a variety of forms and correspondences to inform a tenant of situations such as intent to enter the premises, a request for the tenant to pay outstanding rent or an eviction notice for violating terms of the lease. Free letters from tenants to landlords may include a notice declining to renew a lease or a request to complete repairs on the property.

Many states have laws requiring landlords to submit specific types of written notices to tenants to inform them of practices and procedures or to document attempts on actions before proceeding to legal actions. For example, most states require a landlord to give tenants written notice of intent to enter the property at least 24 hours prior to its occurrence so that the tenant has sufficient time to prepare for the visit. Similarly, the landlord may need to write a letter requesting that the tenant submit past due rent by a specific date before the landlord seeks legal recourse or evicts the tenant.

The tenant may also need to send specific letters to the landlord in order to comply with specific laws or to create a paper trail in anticipation of future disputes. Some leases may require the tenant to submit a written notice to the landlord once a lease expires notifying an intent to vacate the property or cease renewal, often 30 days before leaving. If the landlord fails to complete repairs or maintenance, the tenant may need to send a written request to prove that he requested the repairs or maintenance.