What Is a Knee Specialist Called?

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There is no specific name for a doctor that focuses only on knee problems, but an orthopedic doctor specializes in the needs of the musculoskeletal system. This system of the body includes the bones, ligaments and joints.

A person who has a knee problem should generally be referred to an orthopedic specialist to ensure that their knee issue is properly taken care of by a trained professional who is able to better understand the knee than a general practitioner. This type of specialist will also be able to help identify whether there are more underlying problems that could be causing knee issues.

An orthopedic doctor is generally able to examine patients to help determine what is causing knee trouble. The doctor will often include a physical examination and will be able to perform certain tests that will enable the determination of different disorders. The doctor may be able to eliminate other more serious conditions through the process of testing. An orthopedic doctor will be able to treat the condition that the knee problem is determined to be through the use of therapy, medication or surgery. Orthopedic doctors can also help rehabilitate their patients while helping them to prevent the knee problem from occurring again.