What Kinds of Medical Equipment Does Lincare Inc. Sell?

Lincare Inc. sells oxygen and infusion systems for in-home respiratory therapy. Some of the oxygen systems include concentrators, portable and stationary liquid oxygen systems and high-pressure systems.

Other types of therapy Lincare Inc. manufactures products for include nebulizer, sleep, ventilator and enteral. Nebulizer therapy refers to a manner of administering medications, namely in an aerosolized form that patients can directly inhale for deposition into the lower and upper airways. Lincare’s own pharmaceutical branch, known as Lincare’s Reliant Pharmacy, delivers the respiratory medications as physicians prescribe.

For sleep therapy, Lincare Inc. manufactures machines for continuous positive airway pressure and bi-level devices. Lincare also provides trained staff who instruct customers on effective and safe CPAP techniques. Lincare also performs follow-up monitoring.

Lincare’s home infusion therapy services include inhalation therapy, chemotherapy, hydration therapy, pain management and AIDS-related therapies. Enteral therapy falls under this heading as well.

Lincare’s enteral therapy provides patients with licensed dietitians who oversee an initial nutritional assessment, at-home instruction and setup, 24-hour follow-up after the initial visit with a patient, ongoing assessments of the patient’s nutritional needs and 24-hour availability of a dietitian.

Lincare also provides a set of comprehensive in-home care and monitoring with its oxygen therapies for chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, such as Lincare’s Care Check program, a clinical program that meets the in-home therapy needs of such patients.