What Kind of Jobs Do They Have in Venezuela?

Almost 79 percent of jobs in Venezuela are in the services sector, as of 2003. The industry sector accounted for about 20 percent of jobs, and a little more than 10 percent of jobs were in agriculture. The state-controlled oil company Petroleos de Venezuela SA is the country’s largest employer as of 2008, according to Rigzone.

The five highest-paying professions in Venezuela, as of 2014, are general manager, mechanical engineering manager, IT manager, oil and petrochemical engineer and database administration, according to SalaryExplorer. Other jobs with high salaries in Venezuela include human resources manager, mechanical engineer, software engineer, systems architect, legal adviser, financial analyst, accounting manager, financial manager, cash management manager, accountant, network engineer and graphic designer.

Venezuela’s economy is dominated by the petroleum industry. As of 2008, Venezuela had 99.4 billion barrels of oil reserves, more than any other nation in South America. It also exported more crude oil than any other country in the Western hemisphere. Jobs in the oil industry are available through the state-run PDVSA and Chevron, which partnered with PDVSA on five onshore and offshore projects as of 2012.

Mining jobs also are plentiful in Venezuela. Iron ore mining, construction materials and steel and aluminum manufacturing are among the country’s leading industries.