What Is Kaiser Permanente Advantage Plus?

Kaiser Permanente Advantage Plus is an optional health care package offered as a supplement to Kaiser Permanente’s Senior Advantage health plan. Advantage Plus is available in two supplemental packages, or the subscriber may choose to enroll in both, according to Kaiser Permanente.

The benefits offered on Advantage Plus vary by state, but coverage includes general categories. As of 2015, Advantage Plus option one includes hearing, eyewear and dental benefits, notes Kaiser Permanente. Option two provides acupuncture, transportation, chiropractic and hearing benefits.

The pharmacy network, formulary, premiums, copayments, coinsurance and benefits are subject to change on Jan. 1 of every year, explains Kaiser Permanente. Costs vary slightly by state.

New Senior Advantage members and current members who move to a different Kaiser Permanente service area may enroll in Advantage Plus within 30 days of enrollment or relocation, instructs Kaiser Permanente. Annual open enrollment for existing Senior Advantage members is held between the months of October and December.