What Jobs Use Quadratic Equations?

Some examples of jobs that use quadratic equations are actuaries, mathematicians, statisticians, economists, physicists and astronomers. In math, a quadratic equation is defined as a polynomial equation that has one or more terms and the variables are raised to no more than the second power.

The simple equation for the quadratic formula is a2 + bx + c = 0. The variables a and c can be any rational number except for zero. The variable b can be any rational number including zero. While the equation might look confusing, there are quite a few traditional ways in which the equation is used in every day life.

A police officer, for example, may use the quadratic equation at the scene of a car accident. The equation is used to determine the velocity at which the vehicles were traveling when the collision happened. It can also help the officer figure out which driver is at fault.

Car manufacturers use it to develop safe cars and to determine what kind of brakes are required for cars traveling at different speeds. The quadratic equation is also helpful for those who design sound systems. Designers use the equation to calculate the best way to enhance sound waves so they do not cancel each other out. This calculation is used to design better speakers and electronic circuits.