What Jobs Do People Do in Brazil?

The jobs that people do in Brazil are much like the jobs in any country, but Brazil’s largest economic sectors are agriculture, mining and manufacturing. Due to an abundance of natural resources (in large part due to the Amazon Rain Forest), the economy of Brazil is one of the strongest in South America.

The jobs that people do in Brazil can vary greatly. Many large American corporations provide jobs to Brazilians, including the Coca Cola Company, Goodyear, Hewlett Packard, Dell and 3M. There are also jobs to be found in harvesting natural resources, including mining, farming, lumber and oil drilling. Oil drilling is one of the biggest sectors of the economy, with the country ranking as the 12th largest oil producer in the world.

A rising industry in Brazil is engineering. The Brazilian Industry Confederation (CNI) estimates that the country needs hundreds of thousands of engineers, and the Brazilian information technology is the seventh largest in the world, according to WorkInBrazil.com. Many of the engineering jobs are also in oil production.

Another large component of the Brazilian economy is tourism. Many people in Brazil have jobs in the service industry or in other positions related to tourism. Brazil is home to large sporting events, shopping, history, famous beaches and entertainment. There are jobs catering to tourists and locals alike.

The jobs people do in Brazil also include usual jobs such as medical service, emergency services, education, manufacturing, transportation and other services.