What Is a Job Outlook?

A job outlook is a forecast of how many jobs there are likely to be in a specific industry and how quickly that number is changing. An individual can consult a job outlook in order to help plan the future of his career.

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics provides a job outlook for various positions in various industries; it also provides information regarding the salary, job description and educational requirements for those positions. Generally speaking, the better the job outlook is for an industry, the more options and opportunities there are for professional growth as well as for employment.

The BLS also provides information regarding the past and anticipated percentages of growth, the general job outlook and the factors currently contributing to the rate of job growth as well as any factors stifling job growth. An individual can also see how long the bureau expects the period of job growth or lack of job growth to last.

An individual can also check with professional associations for the job outlook for a specific occupation. Professional association websites can also inform a visitor of the type of work environment he can expect as well as the occupation’s overall role in the industry.