What Are the Job Duties of Package Handlers?

The job duties of a package handler include sorting, lifting and moving packages that typically weigh between 25 and 75 pounds. Some positions involve operating package-handling machines and equipment. Delivering packages may be required in some instances.

Many package-handling tasks are done in a warehouse setting. Delivery services often hire package handlers who are punctual and capable of following employer instructions as to how packages should be moved. Package handling requires good physical fitness and stamina in order to do the job for hours at a time. Workers may be required to sort packages by placing packages on a sorting machine, which carries packages to loading docks. The ability to operate heavy equipment, such as a forklift, is a plus for some handling positions.

Package handlers often work in noisy environments that can also be hot at times. Good communication skills come in handy when working as part of a team in this type of job. The ability to handle stress comes into play during busy times of year when meeting package delivery deadlines is crucial. Responsible workplaces focus on safe package lifting and moving techniques to help employees avoid injury. Package handling jobs tend to offer flexible working hours that are part-time or full-time.