What Is the Job Description for a Utility Worker?

Ariel Skelley/Blend Images/Getty Images

GovernmentJobs provides a description for a utility worker in the city of Abilene, TX. Utility Workers are divided into two classes: Utility Worker 1 and Utility Worker 2. Both classes have a description and list of requirements pertaining specifically to a class.

Utility Worker 1 is an entry level class. A utility worker in this class performs routine duties and isn’t expected to work independently or without supervision. The Utility Worker 1 class is assigned for training employees with little or no experience in utility work. The employee is taught to operate and care for tools used in water and sewer maintenance and repair. He must be able to safely operate a vehicle, understand and carry out instructions, maintain records and maintain positive working relationships. Only a high school diploma or GED is required for this position.

The Utility Worker 2 class is for employees who can perform a full range of duties and require little instruction or guidance. Utility Worker 2 duties include supervising lower class staff, inspecting stations, water and sewer mains, maintaining sewer maps, and dismantling and performing maintenance. He must also repair water and sewer lines, manhole lids and leaking pumps. He must be knowledgeable in operating various machinery. A Utility Worker 2 employee must have training to ensure appropriate reading and writing skills and at least two years of experience comparable to a Utility Worker 1 position.