What Is the Job Description of a Saleslady?

A sales lady is a woman who assists and informs her customers about a product being sold through her company. A sales lady job includes multiple responsibilities and is a part of many industries.

Sales ladies are often found in malls or shopping areas and make transactions with customers. A sales lady helps a customer find his right size, style and color of merchandise, and she can help fit the merchandise for him. An important goal of a sales lady is to sell as much merchandise as possible for her company.

A good attitude must always be apparent in a sales lady, as she cheerfully assists customers. She must be able to answer questions or concerns and demonstrate good knowledge of the product she is selling. Any complaints must be handled professionally. She must be able to record her sales and communicate properly. Sometimes, traveling or phone calls by the sales lady are required to sell or represent a product.

Best-Job-Interview explains that to become a sales lady, a woman needs her high school diploma or an equivalent level of education. She must have knowledge of customer service and sales. Experience in retail is an important skill to have, as well as experience in business administration.