What Is the Job Description for a Restorative Aide?

Restorative aides help patients recover their physical, emotional and mental health by providing rehabilitation care. They are certified nurse assistants who have specialized training in restorative care. They help patients increase their strength and mobility.

The primary role of restorative aides is to assist patients with exercises that improve the use of limbs and body functions. These exercises are designed by the nursing or rehabilitation department where the patient belongs. A restorative aide’s duties and responsibilities include assisting patients with transfers, walking, strength training and range of motion exercises, documenting service and changes in the patient’s conditions, assisting patients with dressing or grooming, applying and monitoring splinting and helping with amputation and prosthesis care.

Restorative aides follow a patient care plan suited for each patient. When necessary, they remove splints or prostheses when relocating the patient. They help the patient have a good body alignment when placed on walkers or in wheelchairs, and they monitor and report a patient’s daily activities and progress.

The nature of the job requires restorative aides to stand, walk and use their hands and arms frequently. Most restorative aides work in rehabilitation centers, hospital therapy departments, long-term care facilities, home health agencies, adult day care centers and assisted living communities.