What Is the Job Description for a Management Trainee?

Thomas Schmidt/The Image Bank/Getty Images

According to America’s Job Exchange, management trainee positions require trainees to work closely with managers and perform delegated managerial responsibilities with an objective of earning a promotion to manager. During this process, trainees gain the experience and knowledge required to perform managerial duties alone. The primary responsibility is to work with managers to direct operations. The job description also requires trainees to monitor employee output and manage functions.

Eduers.com explains that the management trainee position requires excellent written and verbal communication skills to communicate effectively with personnel. More importantly, management trainees must also possess excellent analytical skills. These skills help the trainee solve problems and interact with staff. Most organizations require trainees to understand specific management perspectives, company policies and staff functions. Trainees must also work in several departments.

Eduers.com notes that working in different departments allows the trainee to gain experience in various areas of the organization such as customer service, marketing, merchandising and sales. In some cases, trainees must assist store managers with interviewing, training, recruiting and hiring employees.

America’s Job Exchange notes that management trainees must observe company reports and analyze changes in inventory, sales and profit. Additionally, the trainee must develop the ability to identify trends and suggest solutions to effectively manage all business-related issues.