What Is the Job Description of a Laundry Attendant?

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A laundry attendant performs tasks such as washing, drying and folding clothing and linens according to company quality standards. An attendant is often responsible for sorting items by color, weight and fabric types and making sure items are washed in the proper machine cycle. Attendants follow guidelines for treating and removing stains when required.

Attendants working at a coin operated laundry are responsible for the general maintenance and upkeep of the machines. This includes cleaning machine filters and removing objects left inside. Duties also include sweeping and mopping floors periodically, wiping down machines and counters, and making sure the bathroom is clean and stocked with bathroom tissue. Management may also require the attendant to service laundry customers and take out the trash.

Attendants working in a hotel environment usually have duties focused mainly on cleaning and dry cleaning services. These duties include daily washing and drying of hotel sheets, blankets, towels and linens. Ironing and steaming of items may be required as well. Attendants neatly fold laundry and distribute it according to company requirements. In addition, hotel laundry attendants are expected to coordinate their duties with other hotel staff. Attendants must be able to lift up to 50 pounds of laundry and push heavy carts without assistance.