What Is the Job Description of a Food Attendant?

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A food attendant has various duties, including taking orders, serving food and cleaning tables, according to Job Description Format. Food attendants work in food service establishments such as restaurants, hotels, bars, canteens, pubs and lounges, and they also work for private chefs and catering companies.

Before eating establishments open, food attendants ensure that sufficient eating supplies, condiments and other items are available to consumers. They also make sure all tables and chairs are clean and neatly arranged. At times, food attendants take orders from customers and present them to the chef or kitchen staff. They can also help with basic food and beverage preparation, serve orders to customers, gather used plates and clean tables as customers leave. In cafeteria settings, food attendants also ensure that cutlery and napkin bins remain stocked throughout the day, and they clean spills and other messes whenever necessary. At the end of the day, food attendants help clean and clear the entire eating area.

In some instances, food attendants might be required to oversee the operation of catering facilities. This role demands a strong focus on service delivery and a high level of customer service. Food attendants also help uphold hygiene and safety standards in accordance with current legislation.