What Is the Job Description of a Butler?

A butler’s job description includes overseeing the household staff in a residence, according to the International Guild of Professional Butlers. A butler is responsible for answering the telephone at the residence and greeting guests at the door.

In some residences, a butler may also be responsible for training the kitchen and housekeeping staff, scheduling employees who work in the home, and assisting with the household budget or supply inventory. Although the butler’s job description varies based on the preferences of the homeowner or employer, a butler may also assist with security measures, such as ensuring children are safely transported to school or securing home alarms. When a family is preparing for travel, a butler is typically responsible for travel arrangements and packing. The butler may also need to organize and plan holiday celebrations or parties in the residence.

When planning a formal dinner, butlers may be responsible for ensuring the table is properly set and meals and drinks are served to the homeowner’s preference. If the residence is not equipped with a housekeeping staff, the butler may assist or manage cleaning, maintenance, care of clothing, maintenance of vehicles, and light housekeeping duties. A butler may also serve as the valet to family members and guests.