What Items Are Sold at Marshalls Clothing Stores?

Geri Lavrov/Moment Mobile/Getty Images

Marshalls is a United States retailer with more than 1,700 stores, as of March 2015, that specializes in selling off-price merchandise at its clothing stores. Intrepid shoppers, the so-called treasure hunters of Marshalls, have been known to find steals from designers whose wares would typically be hard to find and fetch significantly more on the selling floor of high-end retailers, such as a Nanette Lepore garment.

Marshalls sells name brand items, and those items are not limited to just women’s clothing, jewelry and shoes. The store sells men’s wear as well. It also sells items for the home; it sells what it calls Cube items, which means pieces for juniors. Marshalls also sells kids clothing, beauty products, luggage and technology items.

While some believe the discount retailer is able to offer such deals because it is selling last season merchandise, if not merchandise far beyond that, or items that a store could not sell, that is not accurate. Marshalls insists that although some of the goods it sells are from a previous season, the overwhelming majority of the merchandise is actually in season. Marshalls does not have a website for consumers to buy its merchandise, as of March 2015.