Why Are Interviews Important?

Interviews are important because they offer a chance for companies and job applicants to learn if they might fit well together. Candidates generally go into interviews hoping to prove that they have the mindset and qualifications to perform the job in question.

Interviews, even phone and video interviews, convey attributes that a resume and cover letter cannot. For example, an interview helps demonstrate a candidate’s personality and how he presents himself. They also work to the candidate’s benefit by conveying information on workplace culture and how people in an organization treat one another. During an interview, candidates learn many things about a business and job that they could not from networking or an advertisement.

Many applicants go through at least two rounds of interviews per company or organization. The purpose of the first interview is typically for the business to weed out unsuitable candidates. The second interview often involves a candidate’s potential supervisors and co-workers, and is more geared toward finding the right person for a job rather than screening out people who do not fit.

A candidate should bring copies of his resume, cover letter and other application materials to an interview. He can practice by brainstorming questions and developing answers. Finding out information on the company before the interview is also critical.