Why Is International Communication Important?

John Lund/Blend Images/Getty Images

According to the International Journal of Peace Studies, international communication is important because the lines between nations have blurred as a result of the Internet. The world has become a global community whose members must communicate to learn from each other and resolve conflicts.

Penn State College of Communications notes that satellite communications and the Internet have greatly changed the flow of information between nations. Before digital communication like television and the Internet, nations were much more separated; information from one country could not as easily travel to another. In modern society, however, the pervasiveness of the media has brought together much of the world, allowing access to the same information.

According to the International Journal of Peace Studies, the new global community needs international communication because of the multitude of ideologies in existence. These differing beliefs create conflict between the people of different nations. International communication is needed to resolve these conflicts and keep them from becoming larger problems. International communication also helps to end injustice in the world. If the people of one nation are suffering from ill treatment by their government, they can send out a cry for help to other nations. This type of communication was seen in both Egypt and Brazil in 2013.