What Is Internal Recruitment?

Internal recruitment refers to the identification and attraction of job candidates from within a given organization. Instead of picking candidates from the public, a company may decide to advertise a job vacancy and allow only members of the existing staff to apply in order to achieve certain goals.

Internal recruitment is normally done in large organizations where employees in a different department may not be aware of job openings in a particular department. Some of the methods that can be used in internal recruitment include career ladders, job boards, job postings within the organization and supervisor referrals.

Here are some benefits of internal recruitment:

  • Recruiting people from the outside requires commitment of resources, which translates to higher costs. Internal recruitment allows employers to get ideal candidates without incurring a lot of costs.
  • It is easier and much faster for employers to hire suitable candidates from within the organization, since they have already been vetted and tested.
  • Employees who anticipate frequent internal recruitment are likely to be highly productive as they build a good reputation in order to be considered in future internal recruitment drives.
  • It is easier for employees to adapt to new positions within the organization since they already have knowledge of the organization’s culture and operations.