What Are the Income Requirements for Job Corps Eligibility?

To be eligible to participate in a Job Corps program, applicants must qualify for low-income status under one of five income-related standards: cash assistance, food assistance, earned income, foster child and homelessness. Job Corps is a free vocational training program for low-income youths interested in pursuing a technical career or trade.

In further detail of the five income-related standards:

  1. Cash Assistance: The applicant or the applicants family receives cash public assistance under an income-based government program.
  2. Food Assistance: The applicant or the applicants family receives federal food stamps under the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program.
  3. Earned Income: The income earned by the applicant or the applicants family in the six months prior to submitting an application qualifies for poverty status under Department of Health and Human Services standards.
  4. Foster Child: The applicant is a foster child or a ward of the court or state.
  5. Homeless: The applicant is homeless under Department of Education standards.