Why Is It Important to Give and Receive Constructive Feedback?

Reza Estakhrian/The Image Bank/Getty Images

Constructive criticism is important for everyone to receive and give because it promotes communication and excellence in organizations and personal growth. By hearing about areas that require improvement, individuals have the ability to change and become a better person or employee.

Not all feedback is constructive. It needs to be provided in a helpful and healthy way because if it is not, no one listens and it helps no one improve or become a better person. According to The Huffington Post, constructive criticism is not about pointing out character flaws, but about discussing specific issues and areas that require improvement. The person providing feedback should focus on the issues and offer specific examples that clearly state what needs improvement. Offering suggestions for improvement shows care and concern for the individual and their personal development.

Receiving constructive criticism must also be received correctly in order for it to be truly effective. Hearing about flaws is uncomfortable and often forces people to become defensive, which causes them to stop listening. It is important for the person receiving the criticism to block the instinct to get angry. Instead, a person needs to recall the benefits of feedback and truly listen to what the person giving it has to say in an unbiased way.