Why Is It Important to Follow Manufacturer Instructions?

Robert Couse-Baker/CC-BY 2.0

It is important to read instructional guides provided by manufacturers in order to understand how to best use product features. Manufacturer instructions contain specific details about the product that are not readily available anywhere else. Manuals and guides inform consumers about product specifications and may also include assembly instructions. Without this information, consumers may not understand how to properly assemble or operate a product.

Product instructions include important details about product setup and installation. Consumers should read these guidelines in full to ensure the product operates as intended. Consumers can typically find troubleshooting questions and answers in the product instructions should problems arise. Manufacturers expect consumers to follow the instructions provided. If a consumer damages a product and did not follow the instructions, the product warranty may be voided.

Safety is another critical factor to consider. Product guidelines contain important safety information that helps purchasers avoid personal injury and property damage.

Consumer Reports recommends reading product manuals before making a purchase. Many manufacturers post product guides online that can be downloaded for free. Consumers can get an idea of how the product functions, as well as any special requirements needed for operation. Previewing an instruction guide in this manner helps consumers avoid potential pitfalls and disappointment.