What Are Some Important Communication Concepts?

Important concepts in communication include having a purpose for communication, seeking to understand the other parties within the conversation and completing the process with consistent follow-through. All three of these elements are important for building trust among all parties and ensuring that all parties have the best chance of emerging from the process feeling satisfied.

Every act of communication must have a goal, whether that goal is choosing a dishwasher with one’s significant other or persuading the potential customer to believe in the company’s service or product as the best available. Knowing this goal before beginning communication helps the process go much more smoothly because it allows for measurement and monitoring of the goal. This goal determines the methods and the intensity of communication.

Entering a conversation without an understanding of the other party’s perspective considerably reduces the chances of success. Listening is a major challenge for many people, as the internal noise of one’s own thoughts and the external noise within the environment can both form distractions. Training the mind to focus on what others are saying is an important first step in enhancing communication skills.

Bringing closure to conversations through follow-through is also important. Commitments that one makes in a conversation must be completed for trust to thrive.