What Is the Importance of Marketing in Society?

Marketing informs the desires and cultural predilections of its consumers, thereby helping to shape the face of society through the messages and products it chooses to promote to the public at large. This makes it a value-neutral system the impact of which is determined by the content fed through it, allowing marketing to exert a positive or negative influence on its subjects.

Marketing can manufacture demand within a population. If a product or service is marketed effectively, people will believe that it is necessary and will demand it for themselves. This means that marketing need not address pre-existing needs and that it can potentially expand the mindset of the public.

Marketing can help to drive and determine the market’s performance. If a marketing campaign is successful it can stimulate economic growth in a given area, making it an important part of modern economics. Marketing can create or reinstill excitement about a product or service.

Marketing is an important tool for helping businesses grow. Without marketing it can be difficult for businesses to stand out from their competition, so marketing is important in part because it gives businesses traction in the public consciousness and because it helps consumers decide how to spend their money.