What Is the Importance of Computers in Nursing?

By Staff WriterLast Updated Apr 11, 2020 4:07:36 AM ET

The integration of computer technology into the nursing practice has been necessitated by a need for proper records. Computers reduce prescription errors through electronic prescriptions. Nurses also have the option of using personal digital assistants, which enable them access to records and medical resources, reports the Journal of Advanced Practical Nursing.

Computers make it possible to create and access electronic medical records. These records contain information about a patient including medical histories, allergy and drug interactions, laboratory reports, and clinical notes. With computers, electronic medical records are accessible at any time and from any location, states the Journal of Advanced Practical Nursing.

Computers are also used by nurses to make prescriptions. Errors mainly as a result of wrong dosage readings obtained by the pharmacist are remedied with electronic prescriptions, according to the Journal of Advanced Practical Nursing.

Personal digital assistants are hand-held computer devices that provide nurses with access to patient records. They are also useful in enabling nurses to access relevant information to guide in offering treatments. Nurses have multiple capabilities with their PDAs, which include replying to patients' emails, transferring prescriptions to pharmacists and referring to medical resources on the Internet, reports the Journal of Advanced Practical Nursing.