How Do You Identify a National Cash Register Model? provides an extensive overview of the National Cash Register identification process: find the model or size number, identify the serial number, learn to describe the register, identify the type of paint, identify the cabinet style, and describe any unique features. NCR is the most illustrious cash register company in American history and it manufactured 9,416,793 independently numbered cash registers between 1889 and 1971. You can deduce a cash register’s year of manufacture from the serial number.

In addition to model, size and serial numbers it is important to describe the machine when trying to identity it. lists various identification questions. Is it a press-down key-operated machine? How many keys does it have? Is it a crank-operated machine with rows of keys? Is it a lever action machine? Is it a detail adder or a total adder? The website offers NCR cash registers for sale with a grading system to help determine the value of different models. In addition, offers a listing of the most recently completed eBay auctions for NCR cash registers.

National Cash Register was founded in 1884 and quickly dominated the U.S. market for cash registers with aggressive and, in many cases, illegal sales tactics. NCR spawned some of the greatest American salesmen of the twentieth century. NCR fired Thomas J. Watson in 1912 before he went on to found IBM, and Charles Kettering invented the first electronic-powered cash register for NCR before leaving to become the famous CEO of General Motors. AT&T purchased NCR in 1991.