What Does the Humana Gold Plus HMO Plan Include?

The Humana Gold Plus Health Maintenance Organization plan includes all the benefits of Original Medicare as well as additional coverage, including hospitalization and emergency services when traveling outside of the United States, according to Humana. Depending on the region and available plans, prescription coverage also might be included.

The Humana Gold Plus HMO, a Medicare Advantage plan, requires beneficiaries to continue to pay their Medicare Part B premiums, notes Humana. Persons enrolled in the plan must receive routine health care services from providers within the plan network, and those who enroll must select a primary care physician within the network to coordinate all care.

Those with Humana Gold Plus HMO coverage can visit their primary care physicians as often as necessary, since the plan provides coverage for unlimited doctor visits, explains Humana. Most annual screenings are covered under the plan at no additional charge. In some areas, the available plans also provide prescription drug coverage that is better than what is provided by the Medicare Part D plan.

All Medicare Advantage plans must provide insurance coverage for all of the benefits covered by Original Medicare, both Part A and Part B, notes Medicare.gov. One exception is hospice care, which is covered by Original Medicare.