What Are Housekeeping Rules and Regulations?

All hotels typically follow basic guidelines, including rules about when housekeeping staff are allowed to enter a booked room, whether or not housekeeping staff are allowed to accept tips from guests, and standards of cleanliness. However, rules and regulations for housekeeping vary from hotel to hotel.

Housekeeping staff must change sheets, vacuum the floors, and put fresh towels and new, unopened soap and toiletries in the bathrooms.

Housekeeping staff should cause minimal disturbance for guests. If a room is occupied, housekeeping must knock and wait 10 seconds before entering. Housekeeping should not enter a room with a “Do not disturb” sign posted on the door.

Most hotels allow tipping because it encourages guests to show their appreciation for the service. However, housekeeping must neither request tips from guests, nor request a higher tip. If a guest gives housekeeping a gift other than a small $1 to $5 tip, the guest should state in writing that the item in question is a gift so that the hotel management does not mistake the gift for a stolen item. Housekeepers who find an abandoned item in a room must give the item to a supervisor and note the room in which they found the item.