What Is Holistic Marketing?

Frank Herholdt/Stone/Getty Images

Holistic marketing refers to a marketing strategy in which one considers the big picture of a business, its role in the economy and community and its impact on the lives of its consumers. The four key points of holistic marketing are internal marketing, integrated marketing, relationship marketing and socially responsive marketing.

Internal marketing is a process that strives to engage and motivate a company’s employees at all levels, the idea being that employees who are engaged and emotionally invested in the company’s product are more likely to want to help promote that product in the community and uphold high standards of customer service and satisfaction. Integrated marketing merges all forms of marketing communication with one common theme of creating a consistent brand image for the customer. Radio ads, television commercials, magazine ads and newspaper ads all center around a common idea, slogan or joke.

Relationship marketing, rather than focusing on meeting sales quotas, emphasizes the importance of customer loyalty and retention. Socially responsive marketing is the idea that a company should consider its impact on the surrounding community and society at large and take steps to remain socially responsible and environmentally and politically aware.

Holistic marketing merges the ideas of these four marketing approaches to streamline a company’s business practices, improve efficiency across all company departments, increase customer loyalty and satisfaction and ensure that a business remains a respected and valued part of society.