What Is the Harris County Gold Card Health Insurance Program?

The Harris County Gold Card health insurance program is a subsidized health insurance program for individuals in Harris County, Texas, who meet residency and income criteria. The program offers discounted health care services for individuals and families unable to afford medical insurance and physician services.

With the Harris County Gold Card health insurance program, medical services are not free at approved health care facilities, but financial assistance is available for individuals and families who qualify. Patients approved for the program pay fees for medical care based on household income on a sliding scale. Participants of the program are asked to make minimum payments at the time health care is received at a clinic or hospital. Prenatal care and pediatric visits do not require minimum payments.

The Harris County Gold Card health insurance program is not considered an insurance program and does not provide assistance through the Federal Health Insurance Marketplace Exchange. Instead, the program serves as a public assistance program offering discounted medical coverage to low-income residents of the county. The Harris County gold card health insurance program is funded by Harris County taxpayers.

Applications can be obtained online at HarrisHealth.org and can be mailed to the Harris Health Financial Assistance Program in Houston, Texas. Applicants can also submit applications at designated eligibility locations within the Harris Health system.