What Happened to the Home Interiors and Gift Company?

The Home Interiors and Gift Company, also known as Home Interiors & Gifts, was acquired by Penny and Steve Carlile in 2008. The new owners merged it with their existing company, Home & Garden Party, to create the organization Celebrating Home.

Home Interiors & Gifts was founded in 1957 by Mary C. Crowley, who was a single mother of two children when she started the company. She once worked with Mary Kay Eckman, the creator of Mary Kay Cosmetics Co. Crowley gained experience in the home décor business by working at World Gift prior to founding Home Interiors & Gifts. World Gift specialized in home interior accent items. Crowley used her experience and supplier contacts made at this company to strike out on her own.

The year 1983 marked Home Interior & Gifts 25th anniversary. The company achieved $400 million in sales and profits estimated in excess of $20 million by the time this milestone was reached. Sales exceeded $850 million by the early 1990s.

Mary Crowley’s son, Don Carter, also played an important role in the formation of Home Interior & Gifts. He acted as its chief executive officer for numerous years. Following his mother’s death, Carter moved into the positions of president and CEO of the company.