When Are GST Checks Mailed Out?

According to Grant Thornton, the Canada Revenue Agency issues goods and services tax, or GST, checks four times a year. It is a quarterly disbursement released to eligible Canadian residents in January, April, July and October. The Canada Revenue Agency states that the checks are usually distributed on the fifth day of these months.

The GST credit is issued to individuals or families who filed taxes for the previous year under a certain income threshold set by the Canada Revenue Agency. For example, a family who met the criteria in 2016 is eligible to receive all four of the GST credits issued during 2017. Eligible parties must apply for the GST credit, notes Grant Thornton.

Recipients must be Canadian residents when the GST checks are issued and must also meet one of three additional requirements. These include age restrictions, marital status and parental status. Recipients do not have to be actual Canadian citizens to qualify, but they must hold approved and official status as residents of Canada at the time the credits are issued. The CRA must receive an income tax return from applicants, even if there is no income to be reported for the previous year, notes its official site.