How Do You View a GoWallet Visa Balance?

A cardholder can view the balance of a GoWallet Visa gift card by visiting the GoWallet site and submitting a card number, an expiration date and a three-digit code from the back of the card. Gift Card Mall, the card issuer’s website, also services GoWallet Visa gift cards.

Viewing a balance does not require account registration; however, registration offers quick and easy access to balances along with other benefits, explains GoWallet. GoWallet shows account balances with iPhone and Android mobile applications, states Gift Card Mall. Each gift card also includes a phone number on the back to handle automated balance inquiries 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Merchants accepting GoWallet Visa gift cards sometimes do not have access to card balances, and so the card issuer recommends checking the balance before shopping.

If a customer informs the merchant that the balance of the gift card is less than the purchase amount, the retailer may complete a split payment between the remaining balance on the gift card and an additional form of payment, although some merchants do not offer split payments, notes Gift Card Mall. A card no longer functions when the remaining balance is empty or the card expires. Gift Card Mall can assist customers who have remaining balances after their gift cards have expired.