What Are Some Good Work Goals?

Good work goals include aiming to get a promotion, reducing stress, becoming more organized and finding a new job. People who set goals need to analyze their strengths and weaknesses in that area so they can develop a plan that encourages progress.

Good work goals include:

  • Individuals who feel they are meeting and exceeding their duties at work should ask for a promotion. Before doing this, it is necessary to make a list of achievements, and potential recommendations and endorsements. The key to success is for the employee to show the company how they can benefit them further in a more senior position.
  • People who want to perform better at work should try to reduce stress. Individuals who cannot reduce stress in their immediate work environment may want to try sleeping and exercising more instead.
  • Organization is a great way to promote productivity in the workplace. People who aim to be more organized should start out with small goals, such as organizing their calendars and their desks.
  • People who feel stuck in their current job should research other possibilities. This is a great way to change circumstances surrounding a chosen vocation.

When setting work goals, it is important to set goals that can be realistically accomplished. In addition, the person who is setting goals should make time to identify their strengths and weaknesses. This allows them to play on their strengths and find ways to overcome their weaknesses.