What Are Good Skills to Put on a Job Application?

When applying for a job, good skills to list on a resume or application include the ability to solve complex problems, employ critical thinking, listen actively, use good judgement and make reasoned, rational decisions accordingly. Having knowledge of complex and technically-oriented disciplines is also a plus, such as an above-average understanding of computers, certain machinery and electronics. Knowing how to solve mathematical equations ranks high on the list of favorable qualities in potential employees, as does operations and systems analysis, monitoring, programming and marketing.

Critical thinking tops the list of most desirable qualities in job applicants, according to Forbes. It requires the use of analysis and comparison to evaluate pros and cons or strengths and weaknesses of tools, products and companies, as well as the capacity to identify alternative solutions and conclusions and make smart decisions.

Employers seek candidates with the ability to identify and correct difficult problems. This entails finding problems, then evaluating alternatives to solve them.

Possessing good judgment and making sound decisions is another good skill to list on an application. This conveys the ability to consider and evaluate costs and options before choosing the best solution.

Active listening skills exhibit the ability of candidates to understand fellow workers and managers, and perform well in team environments.