What Are Some Good Sample Letters of Award Recommendations?

Good sample letters of award recommendations should outline details about the nominee’s character attributes, job performance, personality, educational background, achievements and goals for the future. The writer can outline how long he’s known the nominee and how he is affiliated with the nominee.

When writing a recommendation letter, the writer should include in what capacity he has worked with or witnessed the nominee’s achievements. A boss may be recommending an employee for a promotion or award following the completing of a large and challenging project, or a family member or personal friend may recommend a loved one for an award by describing the character strengths of that person. They may include traits such as performing selfless acts, volunteer work or hard working.

When composing the letter, the writer should begin with an opening paragraph, which is just a couple of sentences explaining who the writer is and why he’s writing the letter. The body is the majority of the letter, and this is where the writer goes into detail about the nominee and gives examples of the nominee’s good qualities. The letter ends with a closing paragraph, reinforcing the writer’s belief of why the nominee should receive the award being given.