What Are Good Reasons for Leaving a Current Employer?

Good reasons for leaving a current employer are better opportunities, a sense of moving forward and wanting to improving one’s self. Although an employer may be a good one, it is sometimes necessary for employees to move on to better positions.

One of the most common questions for prospective employers to ask prospective employees during an interview is their reasoning for leaving a current position. This is a question that can make all of the difference between a good interview and a bad interview. It is important that prospective employees do not talk about the negative reasons they are leaving a current position; this will hinder their chances at getting a new position. No matter the reason for leaving a company, it is important that prospective employers only see it as a positive way to self-improve.

Prospective employees often make the mistake of talking about people or situations at their current position when being asked about a current position during an interview. This is one of the largest reasons that interviewers lose interest in a candidate. It is important to never mention other employees or situations that are going on in a company, whether they are positive or negative.