What Are Some Good Phrases to Use in an Employee Review?

Good phrases to use in an employee review include “sets the standard in attendance,” “communicates well with others,” and “uses innovation and creativity to improve performance.” Effective phrases vary depending on the employee and their performance, but for the best results, the phrases should be accurate and specific.

The employer should prepare a performance review sheet before meeting with the employee, and outline the agenda for the meeting. The employer should start by asking how the employee feels about their work since starting the job or since their last review. This gives the employee time to talk about their ideas and concerns.

One simple method of reviewing an employee is breaking down their work performance into categories, such as attendance, attitude, leadership skills and communication. After determining all the important categories for the employee’s job, the employer writes positive or negative aspects of the employee’s performance in each category.

Towards the end of the employee review, the employer should provide performance goals for the employee. Goal ideas include increased productivity, better attendance and punctuality, or developing additional skills. To be effective, goals must be specific and attainable. For example, “increase sales by 5 percent” is specific, whereas “increase sales” is not.