What Are Some Good Panel Discussion Topics?

There is a wide range of useful topics for a panel discussion, including career and lifestyle issues, trends in art and pop culture, and education. Other interesting topics include issues facing young adults, the prevalence of violence in society, or poverty in inner city and rural communities.

When panel discussion planners select interesting, controversial or contentious topics to discuss, it provides the opportunity for a lively and engaging conversation. A panel could easily discuss the prevalence of drugs in high school, but a more lively panel discussion may involve a conversation about the use of marijuana for recreational and medicinal purposes.

Panel discussions are an opportunity for experts on a particular topic to share their ideas and interact with an audience. Panel discussions typically include a moderator and are well-planned in advance so they run smoothly. Panelists may use visual aids, such as PowerPoint presentations, or other helpful tools to assist in presenting their ideas. Moderators should ensure that each panelist’s presentation stays within an allotted time frame and that audience members have time to ask questions.

While panel participants are often experts or well-informed on the topic of discussion, moderators should ensure that panelists come prepared to discuss a subject in an intelligent manner and know how much time they have for their presentations.