What Are Some Good Examples of Personal Mission Statements?

Good examples of personal mission statements include Denise Morrison’s mission statement to lead others and live a balanced life and Joel Manby’s mission statement to love God and to love others, according to Fast Company. In addition, Oprah Winfrey’s personal mission statement is to act as a teacher.

The CEO of Campbell’s Soup, Denise Morrison, also includes in her mission statement her desire to act ethically. She also wants to pursue her spiritual, academic and physical gifts and attend to her self-esteem and personal wellness. Similarly, Joel Manby, the head of Herschend Family Entertainment, says that he considers success in his life to mean being able to adhere to his personal mission statement.

In her personal mission statement, Oprah Winfrey adds that she wants to inspire others to achieve more than they think is possible. Winfrey says that her personal mission developed after watching her grandmother hang clothes on the line. Winfrey says that she decided then to make her life about teaching and inspiring others.