What Does Good Customer Service Mean?

Good customer service involves the knowledge of products offered, the ability to substitute items for customers and the willingness to keep customers happy. Good customer service means that a company or person representing a company can help the customer in every way possible. Good customer service is more than simply asking a customer if they need help or if they want to purchase anything else.

People who are applying for customer service positions should always have an idea of what good customers service means. This is one of the most common questions asked during customer service position interviews and is something that all customer service representatives need to have in mind when dealing with customers on a daily basis. Good customers service is different to everyone, but the main purpose of good service is doing everything possible to make the customers feel happy and satisfied while they are in a store or business situation. Good customer service does not always mean that the customer is right all the time, but means that the customer should feel like they are right even if they aren’t. Good customer service representatives have knowledge of the company, understand the products that are sold and know the policies for handling customers.