What Are Some Good Comments for an Employee Evaluation?

Ariel Skelley/Blend Images/Getty Images

According to the Houston Chronicle, good comments to include on an employee evaluation include constructive and specific remarks about the employee’s performance, problem areas, and future goals. Criticisms can address an employee’s demeanor, interpersonal skills, attention to detail, customer interactions and problem-solving skills. Additional comments can focus on attendance, punctuality, managerial style, team cooperation, creativity and innovation.

Employees can also be evaluated on their ability to set goals, take initiative, demonstrate specific job knowledge and exhibit leadership skills. The manager writing the evaluation should make clear and defined statements that are not easily misconstrued by the employee. Generalized comments do little to help an employee to understand where his areas of improvement lie. The more specific a critique is, the more the employee can do to put it into practice.

Future goals set by a supervisor should include a framework of rules and guidelines that the employee is able to follow to reach those goals. Employees can become easily discouraged and lose the incentive to improve if performance evaluations are too critical. In addition to constructive criticisms, a performance evaluation should also contain positive remarks about an employee’s core areas of strength. Listing reasons why the employee is a valued member of the organization is important even when evaluating a problem employee.